So, I have been working like crazy to get ready for the big show, avoiding my business cards and getting reading for our big moving sale this weekend.  Turns out the best work in my book is my newest. Nice to know I’m getting better at this. This is a poster I made with the Wisconsin Book Festival in mind.

New home, new website, Yeah!

Had a our big move this weekend, I love our new place, even with all of the east side apartment quarks!  Now it’s nose to grind stone for the next few weeks and then the big show at the Monona Terrace. Still have lots to do but I’m trying hard to be like a squirrel……one nut at a time. Here’s a link to the web site  for the show.


This week I’m working on branding my recycled mittens (most of my family members will remember these from last Christmas). I picked the name Revolve in part because I’d like to be general enough to add in other items like bags and hats and what ever other cool etsy stuff I can come up with! I’m printing the packaging for them on the back sides of old cereal boxes. Yep….that’s how much I rock.

Urban Homesteading

I did this illustration in 3 hours from start to finish. It is meant as an editorial illustration to run in conjunction with an article about the urban homesteading movement. Wikipedia says “Urban Homesteading can refer to two different things: a form of squatting, or the activity of urban gardening, with the purpose of reducing one’s impact on the environment.” this illustration is really about urban sustainability. enjoy.


Illustration class project where the “product is primary a vehicle for the illustration”. My product is a messenger bag and the medium for my illustration is spray paint. I made the bag from a canvas duck cloth (lucky for my jo-anns was rocking’ a 40% off sale yesterday). I re-cut the stencil about 3-4 times before I was happy with it and then used a white paint maker to add in highlights.

New CS4 and Off to Ohio

Got CS4 up and running on my iMac today! YEAH. I know that the difference isn’t too big however it will make it so much easier to take files back and forth between home and school.  Also love the multiple art boards in illustrator.

I’m heading out to Ohio this afternoon. Why Ohio you might ask. Well… bro is going to grad school for photography at Ohio state that’s why.  Also him and his lovely wife are about to have a new baby!

Here’s a little rework of FARMTACULAR for you.

I knew the collage skills I learned at Shabazz would come in handy….someday.

When you attend art school, instead of just the normal first day of class “getting to know you” games, you get to make entire “getting to know you” projects! These are from a book I made all about me. Turns out I get to use the collage skills that I fine-tuned at my alternative high school a lot here in Graphic Design School. About me books, mood boards, cut paper collage illustrations, etc. So a big nod to Malcolm Shabazz High School.

Taxes anyone?

I’m thinking of quitting design school and going into something with concrete right and wrong answers. Really. One day I feel like some kind of design rockstar and the next I fall on my face. WTF.  Maybe I could be an accountant or a banker?

You are invited……..

or you will be if we can get these invites done 🙂 Me and 9 of my class mates have been busting our bottoms this week to make rockin portfolio show invitations for you the public! I can’t wait to to  show you mine but can’t stand the idea of putting in a another moment of work on it.  Here’s a picture of my sisters dog instead.

Oh, also wanted to take a moment to rave about Neenah paper here in Wisconsin. AMAZING the way my prints improve (and they didn’t even pay me to say that) and FREE SAMPLES.